More than 20 years of experience in the integrated water treatment sector


Since the creation of the company, PROSIMED has always been going for product QUALITY and customer SATISFACTION; This is why in July 2001 we were awarded the ISO 9001:2000 quality certification, which we have renewed in 2008 and 2012, and which we will regularly renew. We were awarded the Q for Quality in November 2002, and we were given the Enterprise and Environment Program certificate in March 2007. We also have the Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH). After several renewals, all these certifications are up-to-date.




Quality Policy

PROYECTOS Y SISTEMAS MEDIOAMBIENTALES S.L. (PROSIMED) management establishes the Company Quality Policy as both frame of reference and catalyst for all the company actions related to customers, products, processes, and continual improvement process. PROSIMED Quality Policy is defined according to the following guidelines:

.- Building our customers' trust by ensuring that their needs are both understood and met. In order to achieve this, we will establish systems that let us know our customers' needs and expectations regarding our products and processes. For this reason, all our action plans are developed bearing in mind our customers and other interested parties. 

.- Quality guarantee by means of a system which is constantly evolving. We understand continual improvement process as the fundamental tool for both progress and advance within our company, so that our products become more and more satisfactory for our customers, and our management becomes more and more effective and efficient, and always under the commitment to comply with legal requirements. In order to achieve this, we will try to develop in all our staff a constant improvement mentality, detecting not only failures and their causes at their job posts, but also identifying potential failures on time and eliminating them.

.- Achieving both motivation and participation of all our staff as an essential condition for our company's future. PROSIMED is fully convinced that success basically depends on our staff actions. Therefore, the management of the company will supply all the required resources in order to achieve that all the staff feels motivated and engages in continuous action for a continuous improvement of our Quality Management System. 

.- Quality involves us all, from suppliers to beyond delivery to the point of destination designated by the customer. This is why we build quality every single day in every single job post and in every single activity as an alive entity which allows us to:

    • Guarantee our future as a company.
    • Involve suppliers in our interest for improvement.
    • Transmit our customers our capacity to fulfill their needs.

 .- Becoming a technical benchmark within Europe in the field of biological reactors manufacture and assembly. In order to achieve this, PROSIMED relies on being almost the exclusive suppliers for XYLEM, a leadingglobal company within the field of biological water treatment plants provided with grids of fine bubble membrane diffusers.

.- Maintaining an optimal degree of upgrading in regard to modifications and technological innovations of biological water treatment systems design. In order to achieve this, PROSIMED will maintain an attitude of both constant watchfulness and enquiry of the state of the technique, essentially with our customer XYLEM (a leading global company within this sector), by means of our collaboration with this company and also by providing our know-how in both components manufacturing and water treatment plants assembly and start-up.

.- Becoming a benchmark within the market of compact water treatment plants, through continuous development and innovation tasks and by means of adapting our products to our potential customers' needs. 


Headquarters and technical management

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Production workshop

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