More than 20 years of experience in the integrated water treatment sector

Water cycle


'Water: /'wɔːtəʳ/. Noun. A clear colourless tasteless odourless liquid that is essential for plant and animal life and constitutes, in impure form, rain, oceans, rivers, lakes, etc. It is a neutral substance, an effective solvent for many compounds, and is used as a standard for many physical properties. Formula: H2O.' Water definition according to Collins Dictionary.

Water is vital for life: 75% of our body is water, and we need water to hydrate ourselves, to irrigate fields in order to harvest, to fulfill water requirements to breed livestock which in turn feed us too, and to clean and sanitize our surrounding environment. 

We are more and more inhabitants on Earth; This is why our duty is to preserve water quality and to reuse this natural resource whenever possible, in order to take care of the environment, and to help our own survival as a species.

In PROSIMED, we are concerned about the environment while we make treatment plants, machinery and equipment, for water regeneration and reuse, therefore contributing to a more sustainable planet.

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