More than 20 years of experience in the integrated water treatment sector

Prosimed equipment for water treatment

In PROSIMED we manufacture our own equipment and we are very proud of our products' quality and of our brand, PRO. We adapt ourselves to our clients' needs, providing both personalized service and problem solving.


Our equipment

  • Aeration systems.
  • Basket filters: FC-PRO.
  • Compactor screws: TTC-PRO series.
  • Concrete slabs with nozzles.
  • Dissolved air flotation equipment and grease removal equipment DAF/CAF - PRO.
  • Hydraulically driven bar screens.
  • Ion exchange and activated carbon filters.
  • Lamellar decanters: DLM-PRO series.
  • Manual bar screens: RM-PRO.
  • Picket fence thickeners: PE-PRO.
  • Polyelectrolyte preparation systems: POLY-PRO series.
  • Pretreatment compact plants: PCP-PRO series.
  • Reverse osmosis equipment / nanofiltration equipment.
  • Rotary sprayers for bacterial beds: BLB-PRO series.
  • Rotating microfiltration systems.
  • Rotatory drum filters: ROT-PRO series.
  • Rotofilters: RS-PRO series.
  • Roughing filter bars: RD-PRO.
  • Round decanters with scraping system.
  • Sand traps: DS-PRO series.
  • Scraper bridges: PD-PRO series.
  • Screw conveyors: TC-PRO.
  • Self-cleaning static screens: RE-PRO.
  • Sludge silos: SIL-PRO.
  • Sludge thickening drums: TM-PRO.
  • Structures, footbridges, prefabricated buildings.
  • Vertical agitators: AG-PRO series. VL (slow speed), or VR (high speed).
  • Vertical screens: RJ-PRO.

Headquarters and technical management

C/Juan Pablo II, Nº 3, Local 5
31006 Pamplona (Navarra) Spain
Phone: +34 948 248143
Fax.: +34 948 150847
Email.: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Production workshop

Pol. Ind. Utzubar Nave 7
31839 Arbizu (Navarra) Spain
Phone: +34 948 567096
Fax.: +34 948 567092