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Water reuse

'Arguably, the traditional 'linear society' approach to inputs and outputs is not sustainable, and a case is made here for adopting a more  'recycling society' approach, to make productive gains in water use and reuse and reduce environmental pollution.' Water Re-Use; Agriculture and Urban Water Management in a Recycling Society, FAOLAND&WATER, FAO.

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In PROSIMED, we pay attention even to the slightest DETAIL and we pursue QUALITY excellence; We carry out all our projects according to our clients' needs, advising them on the optimal cycle both in raw water treatment and in process water treatment as well as in the later wastewater treatment by means of tertiary treatment, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolets, ozone, activated carbon filters, ion exchange filters... etc. We have the best technologies at hand in order to adapt ourselves to each specific case, while following THE STRICTEST CONTROLS and adjusting all our products to CURRENT REGULATIONS in order to reuse water complying with both Spanish and European effluent and reuse regulations. We obtain a high quality of tertiary treatment water with parameters which comply wiht Royal Decree 1620-2007, which governs sanitary conditions regarding reusable water.

Recirculation pumps and measuring instruments for external UF membranes in leachate treatment plant. Recirculation pump.
Recirculation circuit.  Tank provided with ultrafiltration membranes. 
REU 8 REU 9 REU 10
Submerged flat sheet MBR system. Submerged reinforced hollow fiber membrane. Submerged hollow fiber membrane.
   REU 11
Automated self-cleaning treatment system equipped with ultraviolet technology.

Our DESIGNS are CUSTOM-MADE and our wastewater treatment plants icorporate CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY for use in MINIMUM SPACE: they REDUCE both rough waste and sludge production and REUSE water resources as process water or as irrigation water for gardens, sport areas, golf courses, vineyards and other crops, this way guaranteeing a stable source of water supply during the whole year, and reducing water consumption rates in the water supply network.

Water treatment/reuse compact plants

  • CUSTOM-MADE studies (pilot studies).
  • High degree of AUTOMATION.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE in wastewater treatment.
  • MINIMUM CIVIL WORK required.
  • AMORTIZABLE (reduction of both effluent charges and water consumption rates).
REU 14 

Sanitary water treatment and purification plant equipped with reverse osmosis, activated carbon filter, ion exchange filter, interconnected membranes, high pressure pump, TDS meter, pH meter, water column meters, and disinfection treatment by means of ultraviolet technology. Possibility of disinfection by means of ozonation and chlorination. Installation following WWTP.    

Compact MBR ultrafiltration pilot plant. Reverse osmosis compact plant.

By means of MBR ultrafiltration systems combined with ultraviolet disinfection, we obtain water according to regulations 1620/2007 and 100% reusable.

REU 17 REU 18
Filtration system for wastewater reuse as irrigation water. Reuse provided with pretreatment systems, disc filters, and ultraviolet disinfection.

This system can be assembled on a bench, a transportable and closed container, or on a special trailer, becoming a MOBILE, COMPACT, and EASILY TRANSPORTED unit.

In small urban areas, PROSIMED suggests a compact underground plant concept based on MBR technology, which allows water reuse for gardens and residential areas irrigation. The plant consists of a control center facility in which it will be located (equipped with roughing system, blowers, permeate suction pump, Clean-in-Place (CIP) system, and disinfection equipment by means of ultraviolet filters) and one underground tank consisting of four compartments (homogenization, pre-reaction, membranes, and sludge storage).

REU 19 REU 20
Compact underground plant equipped with reuse for small urban areas. Detail of screening.
REU 21 REU 22
Detail of membranes. Detail of aeration.

We have TECHNICAL AND PRODUCTIVE CAPACITIES to manufacture tanks of all kinds, shapes and materials, aimed at various applications. WE ADAPT OURSELVES to our clients' space needs, and we offer HIGH END PRODUCTS specially directed towards urban and industrial liquid effluent treatment and reuse.

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