More than 20 years of experience in the integrated water treatment sector

Process water treatment

Water used in industrial processes requires treatment in order to improve washing processes and to avoid corrosion and lime deposits in boilers, pipes, and metal parts in contact with this water or its steam. This way, we extend pipes and other equipment lifespan.

By means of a conditioning treatment, both soluble and suspended polluting gases are removed, and water is softened in order to help soaps lather in washing processes and to avoid lime incrustations produced by calcium and magnesium, which block pipes and decrease boilers, tanks, and equipment performance.

Physical and chemical treatment plant for heavy metals removal. Tests in our premises of a compact ultrafiltration plant for process water reuse such as vegetable washing, hosing down, etc.



For water softening we can use REVERSE OSMOSIS or ION EXCHANGE RESINS; ion exchange resins trap calcium and magnesium salts which are dissolved in water, removing all trace of lime.

Process water can be softened by means of selectively decreasing the number of ions in water, or it can be demineralized by means of removing all ions from water.


PROC 3    


Reverse osmosis.

ACTIVATED CARBON is applied in the reuse of water previously treated in an industrial WWTP as process water, therefore achieving important cost savings and lower environmental impact.

Activated carbon filter.

ULTRAVIOLET treatment disinfects and fights legionella in boilers, hot water circuits, cooling towers, and waste water. This kind of treatment avoids using activated carbon filters by means of reducing chlorine, chlorine dioxide, and ozone levels in process water.

PROC 6Automated self-cleaning treatment system equipped with ultraviolet technology.
Filtration and pretreatment plant; this is a complete plant provided with physical and chemical treatment, biological treatment, reverse osmosis, activated carbon filters, and ultraviolets.

We also have equipment available for DECALCIFICATION, DENITRIFICATION, and pool water treatment by means of SALT WATER HYDROLYSIS.

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